Uniform Skirt
Uniform Skirt
Uniform Skirt

Uniform Skirt


Sizes beginning with "C" are Child/Youth

Sizes beginning with "T" are Teen/Adult

Appropriate Length

All Horizon Prep girls’ bottoms (skirts, jumpers, skorts, dresses) must adhere to the following guidelines in order to be considered in compliance with the dress code and modesty policies. This applies to all grade levels.

  • All girls skirts, skorts, jumpers and dresses must fall to within two inches of the knee.

  • Skirts and skorts are to be worn at the hips. They are not designed to be high-waisted.

  • Skirts and skorts may not be rolled at the waist.

  • Bike shorts are required under skirts at all times.

  • Parents are responsible to monitor skirt length with growth spurts. If the skirt, jumper, dress, or skort is shorter than the knee-length rule at any time, the student will be cited for a dress code violation. Long skirts (below the knees) are not allowed.

Girls who violate the skirt requirements (too short, rolled at the top, etc.) will receive three warnings. By the third warning that student will lose the privilege of wearing skirts for three days, and will be required to wear Horizon Prep uniform pants or shorts instead. If skirt violations continue beyond that, students can lose their skirt privileges through the end of the current term.